How Independent Agents Can Still Feel Part of a Team

August 19, 2021


Rebecca Batisto
How Independent Agents Can Still Feel Part of a Team

Even Alone, You Can Feel Supported

Whether you are starting on your own or recently left your insurance company, being an independent agent might sound like a lonely endeavor. As an employee of a larger agency, you usually work in an office, have co-workers to ask questions, and, most times, you only need to handle one insurance account. Going independent throws more on your shoulders, such as working with multiple insurance carriers, creating your marketing, and other tasks that other departments would typically handle.

The word “independent” might make you think you have to do it all alone, but that’s not the case! Companies like Normandy Insurance hold fun events to help independent agents feel supported. Let’s go over a few ways you can feel part of a team while maintaining your independence.

Look to your partners

The best partners , like Normandy Insurance, provide plenty of events - both virtual and in-person - to help agents feel like part of a larger team. Normandy also offers personalized support to all agents, personalized marketing materials, and lots and lots of advice available at a moment’s notice. Your carriers should feel like a partner. If not, maybe it’s time to contact Normandy!

Conferences Bring People Together

Even though “independent” is a lonely-sounding word, 2018 saw an estimated 36,500 independent insurance agencies. That’s a lot of people! With that said, many independent agents come together during conferences, webinars, and other big events. For example, the Big “I” event by the Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America, Inc. supports independent agents communicating with each other. Also, with the rise of agents working from home, virtual events allow people across the nation to learn together. For more conferences, expos, and other significant events to look out for, check out the list on this blog:

Fun For the Whole Insurance Family

Events like a golf outing or a picnic with other agents are enormous opportunities to form a networking group. Networking doesn’t have to be all work and no play. The more fun, the better! The stronger your bond, the stronger your support later down the road. You could form your own group or check to see if other local insurance agencies offer fun events. Don’t know how to present yourself at the next barbeque? Luckily, we have a blog for that!

When in Doubt, Look to Social Media

If you have difficulty finding insurance agency events or groups in your area, try checking social media! Platforms such as Facebook allow us to connect with agents across the country. Circling back to Independent Agents & Brokers of America again, the group hosts its own Facebook page with sections for photos, videos, events, and even an area for agents to speak together. Other platforms, such as Twitter and Instagram, allow users to track different topics through hashtags, allowing agents to sift through other agents’ thoughts and profiles. And of course, there is LinkedIn, allowing agents to track different companies’ posts and events. These platforms are called “social media” for a reason; be social!

Becoming an independent insurance agent is a tough road to take, but you don’t have to tread it alone. Normandy Insurance hosts events that allow independent agents to feel like part of a team.

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