Easy Marketing Strategies for Workers' Comp Agents

October 28, 2021


Rebecca Batisto
Easy Marketing Strategies for Workers' Comp Agents

Every industry is still reeling from the impact left behind by COVID-19. Going into 2022, we’re still going to feel these effects. When it comes to marketing ourselves as workers’ comp insurance agents, we’ll need to continue skewing towards safer marketing investments, meaning keep things online.

Despite these troubling times, your marketing doesn’t have to be a hassle. Quite the contrary! Let’s go over some easy marketing strategies that’ll boost your client base in 2022.

Videos are Storming Social Media

Platforms like Instagram and TikTok prove that users are interested in videos. TikTok alone just reached over 1 billion users this year. This is no small feat! With so many users, now is a good time to jump on the video trend.

Thankfully, videos are easy to make; just open up your phone, launch Instagram or TikTok, and start recording! You can make just about anything you post into an advertisement! While videos are potentially free, TikTok and Instagram provide business plans to help spread your ad campaigns to bigger audiences.

Virtual Events are Here to Stay

While most establishments are open and more events are happening physically, the COVID-19 variants are still a strong detractor from hosting in-person events. Virtual events, held online through various platforms, are here to stay. And they couldn’t be any easier!

You don’t have to handle catering, renting a place, or worry about every tiny detail. Just choose a platform (e.g., Zoom, Google Meet, Adobe Connect, etc.), advertise your event, and boom, you have a virtual event! Okay, there are a few more steps involved if you want to have the perfect event, but you can get a great rundown of tips and advice from Eventbrite’s blog. Overall, virtual events are cheaper, and 52% of companies receive the same or better attendance than in-person events.

Hone in on the Marketing You Know

While in-person marketing is not the best idea, you still have the options you know. Social media, especially LinkedIn, is more important than ever communicating to customers and other businesses alike. “In 2020, LinkedIn was voted the most trusted network” and with an audience of over 740 million, there are always more people to “meet.” Hubspot.com

Also, as far as B2B marketing, creating white papers, surveys, and the like are still viable and recommended to entice more data-driven clients. Focusing your SEO on keywords and phrases in the workers’ comp game will also help spread your name to the far reaches of the internet.

Do you have a particular industry you want to market to but are unsure of the first step? We have you covered! Check out our industry-specific flyers right now! At Normandy Insurance, we pride ourselves on providing the personal touch clients and agents deserve. If you are interested in getting appointed with us or learning more about our services, please check out: www.normandyins.com

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