How to Reach Fence Contractors

November 5, 2021


Rebecca Batisto
How to Reach Fence Contractors

Fence contractors have a tough job. Working outside, between two or more homeowners, and completing manual labor often puts them at many risks. Each project is in a different neighborhood, a different house, and different terrain. Depending on the fencing project, a fencing contractor and their team could be working on a job for one to three days.

The workers’ comp risk is high, and any injury on a job could immensely impact their business, so fence contractors need to be able to work with insurance agents they can trust. But how can you reach fence contractors and let them know you would be happy to work with them? Let’s discuss a few strategies.

Search Locally

As with work with contractors, the businesses are often based locally. Some fence contractors might cover a particular area, sometimes out of state. Your best bet for locating a fence contractor is searching your town.

Websites like Angie’s List locate top reviewed contractors and businesses for lawn care, roofing, etc. Social media such as Facebook groups and LinkedIn have also become booming areas to find local contractors and companies. If that doesn’t work, you might take a drive around your neighborhood to see if any contractors left behind a sign advertising their handiwork.

Keep It Personal

Your biggest competition will always be the biggest workers’ comp agencies with the most money to spend on advertising. But, you have something they don’t have: truly personalized service.

Most business owners would prefer to work one-on-one with an agent. By providing personalized service, you can build trust and work together to find ways to ease the burden of workers’ comp while ensuring all risks are mitigated.

The best way to build a relationship is to meet in person. Fence contractors are usually out on site, so the best way to have an initial meeting is by providing them with coffee or lunch. Start by reaching out via email and then giving them a call. Invite them for coffee and offer to see if you can save them money. Even if it’s not possible to save over their current provider, you might be able to build enough trust to get their business anyway.

Speak the Lingo

Is the contractor independent, or do they have a crew? What details are in their contracts? Is there anything in the agreement that could interfere in settling claims? Learning the world of fence contracting will let your potential clients know that you are on their side and understand the possible dangers of their profession. Here’s a list of questions from Home Advisor that might help you ease into their world.

A lot goes into fencing, from permits to pinpointing utilities to avoid damage. If a contractor isn’t careful, an accident could affect the length of a project, cause serious injury, and risk to their business. Asking the right questions in your initial meeting will help you to pinpoint any potential savings, create credibility for your own service, and build the trust that could lead you to a new client.

Once you have your first fence contractor, don’t forget to as for a referral! Here’s an article we wrote to help you ask for referrals: A Fast Way to Get New Insurance Clients (How to Ask for a Referral)

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