Facebook is Changing to Meta - What do Agents and Agencies Need to Know

December 9, 2021


Rebecca Batisto
Facebook is Changing to Meta - What do Agents and Agencies Need to Know

Recently, Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO and founder of Facebook, announced that the company is now called Meta. His goal in changing the name is to set a new precedent with the company moving forward. Meta isn’t just Facebook: it’s WhatsApp, Instagram, Messenger, Quest 2, and apps for the future. In his vision, the platforms will come together in a metaverse, allowing you to interact with people on a whole other level than we do now. You can learn Mark Zuckerberg’s full intention with the name change in his founder’s letter to the public.

As an agent, what does the name change mean to us? Several times in the founder’s letter, the phrase “in the future” pops up. The reason: a lot of what Meta intends to offer won’t be ready for a long time. However, some features will change in the immediate future. Let’s discuss the present and future of being part of the Meta series of apps.

No Targeted Ads to Sensitive Topics

In an upcoming change to the Meta platform, organizations will no longer be able to buy targeted ad space based on sensitive information. That means you won’t be able to create ads targeting people based on race, political affiliation, sexual orientation, religion and health status. For example, you won’t be able to use specific categories, such as a particular religion’s holidays. Facebook users will also receive more options about the type of ads they don’t want to see, such as gambling and weight loss. The changes are being made to keep advertisers from abusing the Meta series of apps.

What does that mean for a workers’ compensation insurance agent? Targeting ads based on people’s health is not going to be easy, but you are still welcome on the platform. Ads will need to have a broader appeal to not alienate or target a specific group of people. For more details about running ad campaigns on Facebook, take a look at the application process. The changes to Meta’s ad services go into effect on January 19th.

More Power to Group Pages

While ads might be losing some of their versatility, Meta is putting more power in Facebook group pages. Group administrators will have the ability to create fundraisers, turn on an e-commerce shop, and charge subscriptions to users for accessing special subgroups. Quite frankly, you will be able to run a sustainable business through the platform. With Meta’s lofty goals of integrating “work, life and play,” these new features aim at bringing more content creators to the platform. While Meta will take some piece of the pie, purchases through e-shops will be waived until June 2022.

As an agent, you will be able to reinvigorate your group page. You can easily run a fundraiser for your local community, rallying your clients and other agents behind you. As you pull in more clients, you will be better able to control your image and utilize the platforms to inform and educate your clients and leads.

The Future

As of right now, not a lot has changed. Facebook is still named Facebook, as is Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger, and so on. However, Mark Zuckerberg’s plan for Meta sounds like something out of a science fiction film. Virtual and augmented reality is the future. In his founder’s letter, he even mentions using holograms to work, attend concerts, or visit your friends and family. While we’ve grown accustomed to attending virtual meetings, we might see a future of going to work all day virtually. However, many years are to come before we see Meta fully live up to its potential.

While Meta aims to change the future, the current Facebook remains the same. With the holidays around the corner, you might want to spruce up your Facebook page’s cover. We’ve got your back! Check out our package of Facebook U.S. holiday covers to save you time on your profile change. Nobody respects their clients’ time more than at Normandy Insurance. We pride ourselves on a fast turnaround for our workers’ comp claims while providing the personal touch clients deserve. If you are interested in our services or writing with us, please check out our website for more details: www.normandyins.com

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