5 Emails to Help Leads Become Customers

April 1, 2022


Rebecca Batisto
5 Emails to Help Leads Become Customers

Email is still one of the most underrated but valuable tools for anyone who wants to grow their business. 

Generating leads is difficult for most business owners, and turning them into committed customers can, at times, seem impossible. For whatever reason, your leads may show strong initial interest but haven’t committed to using your service. While it can be tempting to bombard them with promotional emails, this approach isn’t likely to produce the results you seek (lots of new customers).

Instead, you need to focus your efforts on educating them on some of the key things you want them to know - the kind of things that, if they knew, would cause them to line up outside your door in the hopes of getting in on the action!

The best way to achieve this sort of response from your leads is to set up an automated series of emails that goes out to those who made an inquiry but didn’t become customers. 

The early emails should focus on providing education and value that will help you build a relationship with them over time. Only when this is done should your emails become more promotional!

1. The Educator

The first email in the series should be entirely focused on providing your 

soon-to-be customers with helpful information. They've already shown interest in your services, so it's reasonable to assume that they want to know more about what you can do for them. Sending out an email that includes a link to an article on your website that highlights your expertise will help to establish a sense of authority around your brand and demonstrates to potential customers that you know a lot about what you do.

2. The Problem

The second email you send should focus on telling your potential customers why the unique problem they have is worth fixing. This email shows your leads why finding a solution to their problem (a solution only your service can provide) is essential and helps generate a feeling of urgency that motivates them to take action.

3. The Solution 

Now that you've successfully convinced your leads that their problem is significant and deserving of attention, it's time to show them where the solution lies: with you. Use this email to showcase the benefits of hiring a professional like you, or direct them to your service page so they can have a look for themselves. 

4. The Proof

By now, you've convinced your leads that their problem is essential and that they require a proper solution. So, what's next? Social proof. 

Using testimonials that demonstrate how great your company is, along with the sense of expertise you've developed already, should be enough to persuade your leads that your company is exactly what they need and push them to buy into your service.

5. The Final Push

If at this point you still haven’t convinced your leads to purchase, it might be time to offer an incentive. You could offer a 10% discount or a free assessment to get them over the line. This email is more than likely your last chance to convert a lead into a customer, and it’s better to get them at a slightly discounted rate than not at all! 

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