Does Your Business Need Threads?

August 9, 2023


Rebecca Batisto
Does Your Business Need Threads?

The new Meta app, launched in early July, has seen incredibly quick popularity, with over 30 million users joining the morning of its launch. Questions about the utility of joining the platform still remain in its infancy. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of the platform, and if your insurance business needs to join. 

What is Threads?

With a timeline of text posts with a 500-word count limit, replies, reposts, and quote features, the Instagram-affiliated app looks a lot like Twitter. You have to have an Instagram account to sign up for the platform, and the accounts are linked. Users can have a public or private account and verified Instagram users are automatically verified on Threads. While users can post images and videos, they're sparse. The app has the existing aesthetic and navigation features of Instagram while managing to capture Twitter's more casual feel. 

Reasons to Join

Threads can be an incredibly useful tool for businesses using Instagram as their primary platform. Your followers from Instagram are automatically transferred to Threads, allowing many accounts to skip the entire discovery phase of the social media marketing process. Because of this feature, Netflix had 1.7 million followers on the Twitter alternative just a day after its launch. Since the app doesn't require the creation of graphics, the app also offers the advantage of content that is easier to produce, like Twitter. 

While not much is known yet about what works best for the algorithm, it will likely require more frequent posts to get discovered. Many who are running social media platforms find that spending a few hours creating posts for the entire week works well and saves time in the long run, one of the biggest reasons many are attracted to Twitter marketing. 

Will the App Stick Around?

One of the biggest concerns of businesses considering joining threads is whether the platform will last or is just a trend that will fade in the coming months. One of the most significant indicators is the app's lack of advertising. Users love this feature, but businesses who would otherwise give Meta some of their ad budgets have the same concern as businesses who are joining the app as users. In the long run, Meta is unlikely to keep pouring money into Threads if they can't make money from it. This may not result in the app closing, but it would certainly not be well-kept. It's too early to tell if the app will stick around, and the possibility of the platform not being a priority for Meta is entirely possible. It should be accounted for when deciding if you should join. 

Is It Worth Your Time?

Many are replicating their Twitter content on Threads. However, this app will have to differ from your Twitter content in a few ways. The most significant deviation is that very few account management services are available since the app is so new. For those who like to create bulk content at the begging of the week, you will still have to post this content manually. It's also unknown how this app works best for insurance companies and how much you need to post to be discovered. The app will take experimenting, a significant commitment for small business owners already short on time. The decision to join Threads is ultimately up to each individual, their company, and the time they can allocate to creating more content. 

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