General Liability for CBD Businesses

June 10, 2022


Rebecca Batisto
General Liability for CBD Businesses

CBD can be a tough business to run. From marketing issues to payment problems, CBD businesses are often put in a difficult position when it comes to the running of their business due to the legalities of the industry. On the flip side, CBD is also incredibly lucrative and competitive. To offer general liability to CBD business owners can mark you, as an insurance agent, an expert in the industry. 

If you are an insurance agent looking for new business, you might want to consider the CBD industry. Normandy can help! Send us your Cannabis & CBD clients and get great rates and incentives with each new bind.

Which CBD Businesses Are Eligible For General Liability Insurance with Normandy Insurance? 

We cover the following businesses (if your business is not listed, contact us to see if we can extend to you): 

  • Retail stores that sell CBD products, oils & edibles
  • Growers, manufacturers, and extraction companies
  • Delivery and logistics companies (Delivery between dispensaries or from farms to the dispensaries)

Why Choose Normandy When Looking To Write GL For CBD Clients? 

We have tailored our CBD General Liability coverage to fit the industry and to make business easier for business owners and you, the agent:

  • Full CGL on claims made or occurrence premises 
  • Claims made products liability
  • Coverage available for vapes
  • Product withdrawal coverage available
  • Assault and Battery coverage available up to 1M/2M
  • Indoor crop coverage available for property coverage
  • Monoline property or package with GL available
  • Multiple deductible options available
  • $3,500 minimum premium

If you’re writing workers’ comp or general liability, make sure you add Normandy Insurance Company to your portfolio of options. Get appointed with us or send us a submission to

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