How to Reach the Healthcare Sector and Get Their Business

January 20, 2022


Rebecca Batisto
How to Reach the Healthcare Sector and Get Their Business

Healthcare workers face dangers every day despite the irony of working in hospitals or clinics. While their aim is to heal their patients, these workers risk encountering bloodborne pathogens, radioactive material, and various biological hazards. With all of these dangers present every day, it's no wonder the healthcare and social assistance industry incurs the highest injuries of the private sector.

The healthcare sector desperately needs us! With 582,800 on-the-job accidents and illnesses reported as of 2017, workers' compensation insurance is essential to treating the workers swiftly and efficiently. Even though we know they need our services, gaining a healthcare business as a client isn't always easy. Let's see how we can help these businesses help themselves.

The Healthcare Sector is More than Hospitals

When you solicit workers' compensation insurance to the healthcare sector, don't limit yourself to hospitals. The healthcare sector is full of various businesses, small and big, such as nursing homes, dentists, optometrists, physical therapists, and many more! If the healthcare sector is a pie, the various practices are slices. Each slice comes with its own flavor, meaning different risks to the healthcare workers. A dentist will run into different hazards than an optometrist. Do your research with every healthcare niche before you reach out.

Reach Out to Your Doctor

The beauty of the healthcare industry is that almost everybody sees a doctor sometime in their lives, often multiple times. And that includes you! At your next healthcare visit, conduct a little "espionage." Spot hazards that could cause accidents, chat up the staff about their working conditions, and so on. Take out two birds with one stone by checking on your health and developing a lead to a new client. However, don't beg your doctor. Make sure you follow the proper channels and use the information you've gathered to build your case. If your doctor's office doesn't work out, check with your family and friends!

Appeal to Their Liability

With such a high risk of injury and illness in the healthcare industry, employees might take the situation into their own hands. Lawsuits can derive from various scenarios, including wrongful termination, harassment, discrimination, violations of FMLA, and other risks to an employee's rights. These lawsuits can violently impact a hospital's reputation and bottom line.

In this situation, you can offer Employment Practices Liability Insurance or EPLI. This insurance covers businesses big and small as well as the healthcare industry. Win or lose, EPLI covers the expenses of court cases, allowing the healthcare business to go on with their daily schedule. When you are wooing your next healthcare business, don't forget to list the benefits of EPLI.

Who heals the healer? While the healthcare industry is littered with hazards left and right, companies like Normandy Insurance are here to provide swift and practical assistance. We pride ourselves on a fast turnaround for our workers' comp claims while giving the personal touch clients deserve. If you are interested in our services or writing with us, please get in touch!

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