Introducing Your New Client: A Farm

August 2, 2022


Rebecca Batisto
Introducing Your New Client: A Farm

As you know, Normandy makes insurance easy, even for the most challenging industries. And now, we are expanding our client offerings once again. Introducing our newest product: farm premises liability insurance! 

What’s Considered A “Farm?”

This product is perfect for small to medium-sized operations like standing timber, groves or orchards, roadside stands or farmers markets, garden or nursery sales, and seasonal or tourist attractions.

This line of insurance is so versatile that it’s an easy addition to your current offerings. The liability insurance plan for farm premises extends to an operating or a non-operating farm for an owner or a tenant operating on a non-owned property. 

“A typical standard homeowner’s insurance policy will NOT cover commercial farming activities on the property of a private landowner.” A private landowner usually requires liability insurance when renting to a farming tenant or even providing land for a farmer’s market or roadside stand. 

When you consider this line of insurance, you might be surprised to find how many different types of business are covered: 

  • Cattle
  • Crops
  • Pick-your-own
  • Hobby
  • Urban
  • Aquaculture farms
  • Corn mazes & pumpkin patches
  • Tours
  • Facility or location rentals
  • Petting zoos
  • Stables

How Can I Find Farm Customers? 

Besides stopping at specific farm premises, you might be surprised that many of your current clients have wondered whether to rent their property for such ventures.

Normandy Insurance puts insurance agents at the forefront, always working with you to make your business simple. We offer competitive rates and commissions and flexible terms and conditions. If you would like to know more, click through to read all the benefits of writing with us:

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