Should you try LinkedIn's Sales Navigator to reach more clients?


Rebecca Batisto
Should you try LinkedIn's Sales Navigator to reach more clients?

Social media is constantly evolving, with LinkedIn unveiling various innovations and upgrades every few months. Several new features and tools have been added to the site to help members with upskilling, job seeking, and networking, with one of the most notable being the upgrades made to Sales Navigator.

Who Uses LinkedIn?

Before we jump head first into Sales Navigator, let’s consider whether LinkedIn is worthy outlet for your marketing.

LinkedIn is home to Fortune 500 executives, CEOs, founders of major companies, and more. In fact, 45% of LinkedIn users are in upper management. That means the earning potential of those you can target on LinkedIn can be BIG.”

What is Sales Navigator?

The Sales Navigator is a handy tool for marketers that provides various beneficial insights based on LinkedIn's extensive collection of professional information that can guide sellers toward more valuable opportunities and connections. 

In simpler terms, it’s a way to get insight on people that are using LinkedIn. You can create groups within Sales Navigator and message those groups as though you are sending an email. So, you could build a new leads list based on demographics (such as Business Owner, based in Miami, with 300 employees) and quickly message the list. On the basic plan, you can send 50 messages per month. 

How Much is Sales Navigator? 

There are different levels of the tool, but the basic level (which is still fairly robust) costs $79.99 per user/ month billed annually. The monthly plan is a little more, but would allow you to run a campaign at the beginning of the month, track it for the full month, and then put your account on hold until the next quarter. 

There’s also a free trial available as long as you are signed in to LinkedIn, and are not currently using a paid plan. 

Is the platform updated frequently? 


LinkedIn has recently released its latest updates on the navigator. One of these is a fresh take on the app's main page that emphasizes alerts and priority accounts and includes a new bookmarked alerts feature to further tailor displays. The new style hopes to help sellers remain on top of the most important aspects of their selling process while also allowing for a never-before-seen level of personalization.

Another update comes in the form of improved Sales Navigator Search options, that provides users with greater insight into how to leverage the available and often misunderstood methods of finding relevant prospects and accounts faster. 

These new features will enable professionals to optimize their opportunity to connect with the right people by using various LinkedIn data and insights that highlight relevant trends and possible leads - a game changer if you ask us

(We do not get commission from LinkedIn! We simply stay up to date on the latest marketing trends and options for insurance agents. Stay tuned for more of our tips.)

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