The Introverts Guide to Networking

April 24, 2023


Rebecca Batisto
The Introverts Guide to Networking

Insurance agents are often considered outgoing, confident, and always ready to initiate a conversation. These people may be most likely to network, an essential aspect of the field. Introverted insurance agents may find networking overwhelming and challenging. Since networking is so crucial to your job, here are some strategies to implement for introverted insurance agents when networking. 

Why Networking is Vital for Insurance Agents

Regardless of personality type, networking is vital for many jobs. It's a way to expand your professional community, establish relationships with potential clients or referral sources, and generate new business. It also allows you to showcase your expertise, build trust and credibility, and stay on top of industry trends and developments. It's a valuable opportunity to connect with like-minded professionals, learn from others, and create mutually beneficial partnerships.

Introverted agents may feel intimidated by networking, and it's completely understandable. Still, it's important to remember that networking doesn't have to mean being the loudest person in the room or constantly engaging in small talk. Introverts can excel at networking by leveraging their strengths and following a strategic approach that aligns with their personality and comfort level. 

Strategies for Introverted Insurance Agents

  1. Manage Expectations: Setting realistic expectations for yourself regarding networking is essential. Understand that networking is about more than collecting as many business cards as possible or being the life of the party. Instead, focus on building meaningful relationships with a few key individuals. Quality over quantity should be your guiding principle.  
  2. Prepare in Advance: Preparation is how you find these few key individuals to connect with. Before attending a networking event, do your research. Find out who will be attending and what topics will be discussed, and identify who it is that will be a valuable connection down the road. Prepare some talking points or questions to help break the ice and start conversations.
  3. Know When You're Best: For introverts, big events require much more energy to prepare and psyche yourself up. Understand when you are most likely to be able to succeed at mentally preparing for these events. If you're a morning person, you may prefer to get there early and get your nervous energy out. If you can't psyche yourself up when you're tired, arrive later in the day. 
  4. Listen and Ask Questions: Introverts excel at listening and asking thoughtful questions. Use this to your advantage during networking events. Instead of feeling pressured to talk about yourself, focus on listening to others and showing genuine interest in what they say. Ask open-ended questions encouraging them to share more about themselves, and actively listen to their responses.
  5. Find Common Ground: Finding common ground with others can be a great way to establish a connection. Look for shared interests, hobbies, or experiences that you can discuss with others. This helps break the ice and create a foundation for further conversation.
  6. Take Breaks: Introverts often find networking events overwhelming, and taking breaks when needed is a great way to mitigate the stressors of these events. Excuse yourself and take a few minutes to recharge if you're feeling drained. You can go to a quiet corner or bathroom, take a short walk, or even step outside for fresh air. Taking breaks can help you maintain your energy levels and prevent feeling overwhelmed.
  7. Follow Up: Networking doesn't end when the event is over. Follow up with the individuals you connect with by sending personalized emails or LinkedIn messages. Refer to your conversations and express your interest in continuing the relationship. This will help you to solidify the connections you made and maintain the momentum beyond the event. 

The best way to succeed during networking events as an introvert is to be empathetic to yourself and understand how to use your strengths to succeed in larger events. Finding your strategies for success will help you excel in networking events, but it may require trial and error to figure out your ideal approach. 

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