What Do Clients Look For in an Insurance Agent?

January 26, 2023


Rebecca Batisto
What Do Clients Look For in an Insurance Agent?

When clients choose an insurance agent, some factors are frequently considered. Knowing these is an excellent way to build your marketing strategy; make this information readily available so clients can easily choose you. 

Here are some of the common factors used to choose an insurance agent:


One of the vital exponents for choosing an agent is whether they are qualified. Making sure that you list your years in business and any relevant qualifications or designations is the best way to build credibility. Use this information as an advertising tool to show that you have been vetted and can do your job well. 


When clients are looking for an insurance agent, they usually look for a specific type of insurance. A wide variety of insurance will help you bring in repeat clients and a broader array of clients. It's helpful to have the type of insurance listed as its own page within your website so that the service becomes a keyword. This makes it easier to find using a search engine. 

References and Ratings

Most growing businesses find new business through referrals. Referrals are cheap and reliable. They close faster and have fewer pricing objections. In other words, referrals are the best possible method of getting new business, so you should ask every satisfied client for referrals and reviews. Just as Amazon reviews drive higher sales, reviews on Google also drive sales. 

Having a process in place to request a review of your business should be built into your business. The more reviews you gather on Google, the better you are ranked by the search engine, and the more people are likely to find your business. 

People Skills

Clients are drawn to agents that are genuine and emotionally intelligent. A good attitude will make the experience more positive for everyone, which will help you sell more plans. These traits can also build your client's trust in you.

It can be hard to create this persona if you don't meet with people face to face (or even via Zoom), but an email newsletter can help.

Responsiveness and Availability 

One of the fastest ways to lose potential clients is not responding quickly. Make sure you have more than one way to reach you and build a follow-up workflow so that you can automate your follow-ups when you cannot pick up the phone to reach out. 

Having a scheduling calendar so potential clients can book time with you means phone calls never catch you off guard. It also means the potential client is more likely to show up to your meeting (they booked it, after all) and are going to be 100% focused on you. 

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