What Insurance Agents Should Be Doing This Summer

July 6, 2022


Rebecca Batisto
What Insurance Agents Should Be Doing This Summer

Summer is slow. Businesses tend to slow down during the warmer months while vacations are more prevalent and school schedules are thrown off for a few months. Here are the summer suggestions from our best insurance agents: 

1. Prepare for the fall!

The week after school starts is the week to expect business to ramp up. Many people are in back to work mode, feeling exhilarated, and they have big plans for the upcoming season. This is a great time to meet new people at networking events (hosting a networking event would be a good idea) and invite potential new leads to lunch. 

Here’s how to prepare: 

  • Create email templates that you can quickly personalize and send out. 
  • Book networking events.
  • Print any marketing materials.
  • Consider any new industries or lines of business and prepare marketing materials and emails for them.
  • Build lists of potential clients and label them (green = high chance of accepting a meeting, orange = lower chance, purple = a long shot, but why not try?)

2. Prepare for budget season. 

Budget season starts at the end of the year. This is when your clients are looking for other options to lower their costs, including new insurance. This should be your busiest time of year. You should be sending out emails right before to get your name recognized, making calls during this time, and going to meetings. For any new clients, there should be an onboarding process. For non-signers, emails should be sent every now and then to keep your name in front of them and prep for next year. 

What could you be working on to prepare? 

You may need more employees to help with calls and scheduling. This would be temporary work and could be a good job for a college student. Now would be a good time to write that job description. 

You will need marketing materials. Normandy offers these materials to our agents, already set up with your brand. Make the most of all that we have to offer, and reach out if there’s anything else you need. 

You will need two series of emails — one for welcoming new clients and one for reminding those leads that didn’t sign. 

Finally, set up your onboarding process to be easy and smooth for any new clients. If you can set this up ahead of time, it will be easy for the client, but more importantly, it will be easy for you. After all, if you’re adequately prepared, you may be onboarding many new clients this year!

3. Set up your upcoming year. 

Now seems like a crazy time to start setting up next year, but it’s perfect timing! It’s quieter than the end of the year, and you’ll have more time to assess where you are falling short and areas for growth. 

Look at all the holidays and start planning out special offers. Write blogs and social media posts based on those holidays, and plan out an email strategy. Spending just a little time each day over the summer, you can set up an entire year of marketing. 

4. Spend time with your family and friends.

Yes, we have a thousand ideas for growing your business, but none of them will work if you are burned out. Take a little time this summer to enjoy your family, friends, and the great outdoors. Remember your purpose and come back to work feeling revived. 

At Normandy Insurance, we want to help independent agents get ahead. Check back weekly for our marketing tips and advice on growing your insurance business. If you’re writing workers’ comp, yacht insurance, or general liability, make sure you add Normandy Insurance Company to your portfolio of options. Get appointed with us or send us a submission to applications@normandyins.com.

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