Where to Find Healthcare Clients Online

May 6, 2022


Rebecca Batisto
Where to Find Healthcare Clients Online

As you know, the insurance industry is saturated with agents, each competing to get the attention of prospects. Therefore, knowing how and where to find leads online is a crucial skill for your success as an independent insurance agent. 

At Normandy Insurance, we offer workers’ comp for the healthcare industry, in addition to many other industries. As an agent, how and where do you find the decision makers? Digital marketing is one way. It’s cost-effective, attracts more traffic, allows you to be more flexible and results in higher conversions.

Here are some of the best places to find healthcare clients online:

Healthcare publications 

There are hundreds of healthcare publications that cover topics like behavioral health, medical staffing, orthodontics and prosthetics, medical equipment, and therapies. Find publications that allows advertising and use paid ads to promote your business. You could also contribute guest posts as a strategy for driving traffic to your website or social media pages. 

Healthcare directories are also a great way to build a leads list of potential clients. Healthcare providers rely on these directories to get in front of patients, so this is a great place to look for your potential leads. 


Hosting educational webinars is a very effective strategy for insurance agents to update existing customers, acquire new business and generate leads. To find a subject that would interest your audience, you could run a poll on social media or send an email to your list. Topics to consider include:

  • Workers’ comp law: What you need to know
  • Hazard prevention and control 
  • Workplace safety tips for employers
  • OSHA safety standards 101

You can promote your webinar by advertising on your website or on your social media platforms. 


LinkedIn is the number social media network for business professionals. According to Statista, this platform will have more than 66 million users in the US by 2022. The following are LinkedIn marketing tactics you can use to attract more clients:

  • Join groups – LinkedIn groups provide a great opportunity for networking with healthcare professionals all over the US. This could be groups of medical practitioners like homeopaths, chiropractors, dermatologists, optometrists, nutritionists, or physical therapists. You could also join groups of healthcare services like hospitals, ambulance services, outpatient care centers or hospices. Be sure to take part in discussions and establish yourself as an expert in your field
  • Create content on LinkedIn Publishing – Publishing helpful content on LinkedIn is an effective way to build trust with your audience. When they are looking for an agent to do business with, your name will be on top of their minds. Don’t forget to include a call-to-action in each post
  • Use LinkedIn advertising – LinkedIn ads can be either sponsored content, text ads or sponsored InMail. Choose the ad type and ad format that matches the needs and interests of your target audience.

At Normandy Insurance, we want  to help independent agents get ahead. Check back weekly for our marketing tips and advice on growing your insurance business. If you’re writing workers’ comp or general liability, make sure you add Normandy Insurance Company to your portfolio of options. Get appointed with us or send us a submission to applications@normandyins.com

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