The One Sales Tool That Works During Coronavirus

May 28, 2020


Rebecca Batisto
The One Sales Tool That Works During Coronavirus

“Unprecedented times.” “Uncharted territory.” “Uncertainty.”

We hear these common phrases over and over to describe the state of our world during this coronavirus pandemic. Even broadcasters are at a loss for words to describe this moment in history.

Yet, while journalists may be at a loss of words, you shouldn’t be. What your clients need now is reassurance that you are available and just a click or call away.

Communication is more vital than ever as businesses look to their partners for support and guidance regarding how COVID-19 may impact their daily operations, as well as their long-term futures. As it relates to workers’ compensation coverage, companies are scrambling to understand the impact on their employees should there be a workplace exposure.

While you cannot predict every scenario, you can offer your clients leadership, expertise, and recommendations using one very effective tool: the email newsletter.

Your Coronavirus Newsletter

Hopefully, your clients are used to hearing from you regularly with a monthly newsletter. They are a great way to stay in touch, cement relationships, and drive business. Newsletters, or regular email updates, are an effective way to provide value to your clients, something we have written about before.

If you’re not sure where to start when it comes to coronavirus communication, put yourself in your clients’ shoes. What questions are they asking you? How is workers’ compensation covering WFH employees? Should workplace procedures change for essential workers?

These and other questions are keeping your clients awake at night, and many don’t even know what questions they should be asking. Based on your unique experience as a workers’ compensation insurance agent, you can guide your clients through these uncertain times.

Here are a few topics to address in your next client communication:

Working From Home (WFH)

When nearly all non-essential employees were asked to work from home and shelter in place, companies faced a shift in daily operations overnight. Workers who used to commute to offices were now working from home offices and kitchen tables. This new environment brings new questions about workplace injuries when the “workplace” is also home. As a result, your clients need clarity and direction for setting WFH policies that will protect both the company and employee in the event of injury.

Essential Workers And COVID-19

Many of your clients have portions of their businesses that are still operating as usual. Warehouses, construction, and many retailers are still open and need guidance regarding how the coronavirus impacts procedures, working conditions, and injuries. Proactively share with your clients any suggested changes to reporting accidents, and let them know how their workers’ compensation policy covers a COVID-19 exposure should it occur.

Tips, Tricks, And Resources

Generously share ways your clients can maintain their mental and physical health during these stressful times. Whether your clients are working at home or still going into the office, there are strategies to reduce anxiety and avoid becoming one with the couch. While these stress-reduction methods are more personal than business-related, keep in mind that you are fostering a personal relationship, and therefore adding value on several fronts.

At the end of the day, we are all humans looking to get through this as a community. As a trusted advisor, you’re in a unique position to provide not only coverage expertise but also genuine support for your clients.

Normandy Insurance is standing by to answer your own questions related to workers’ compensation coverage and COVID-19. We are fully staffed and able to support your insurance needs from writing new policies to filing claims.

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