How insurance agents can support their restaurant clients during tough times

December 23, 2020


Rebecca Batisto
How insurance agents can support their restaurant clients during tough times

As an insurance agent, you’ve had to support your clients through one of the most challenging periods in living memory. And few industries have been hit harder than the restaurant industry.

State guidance and laws surrounding COVID-19 have varied wildly. But one thing’s for sure, with many areas in complete lockdown and potential customers choosing to stay in, profits at restaurants have suffered dramatically.

Just as you’re there for your clients during the good times, you’ve got to be giving your support during the bad times. So here’s our helpful guide on the best ways insurance agents can support their restaurant clients.

Support Your Restaurant Clients By Reexamining Their Insurance Coverage

This almost goes without saying, but before you check in with your client, remind yourself what exactly they’re protected from. What might they not yet be aware of or missing? Primarily, restaurants will have a reliable insurance plan that will include:

  • Business Owners Policy (BOP)
  • Worker’s Compensation Insurance
  • Business Crime Insurance
  • And for delivery services: Restaurant & Delivery Vehicles coverage

So check before your reach out to your clients. If there are gaps in their coverage, make sure they’re aware of what they’re missing.

Go Through The COVID-19 Basics

No matter what industry they are in, every business should be required to put appropriate workplace safety precautions in place. Depending on your industry, these could include:

  • Temperature checks for employees and customers
  • Physical distancing when possible
  • Constant sanitation of the workspace
  • Mandatory masks (this is not a legal requirement in some states, but highly recommended)
  • Installation of protective equipment (plexiglass shields)
  • COVID-19 testing for employees

Highlighting these simple steps to clients is such an easy way of portraying how necessary an insurance agent is in ensuring a business is following all the necessary precautions. Yes, we have seen small business owners successfully take on all these tasks themselves, but stress to your clients how your insurance experience can make the process quick and easy.

Check In With Your Clients So They Know You’re There For Them

We cover this in our blog on showing gratitude to clients, and we think the qualities are transferable. It’s straightforward. You can be there for your clients by being a great listener. Weekly updates will go a long way to highlight your value to clients.

It is critical that you go above and beyond to stay in contact with your client base. Clients need to know you’re around to support them, especially now you can’t do this face to face. Our advice, work as hard to keep the client as you did to win them. A newsletter sent over as an email every seven days is a perfect way to say thank you and stay in your client’s inner circle.

Communicate with your clients frequently. Remind them why they have you and the lines of insurance you provide. Keep them abreast of the risks COVID-19 has created. Remind them of the investment they’ve made and what could happen to their business if they let go of a policy.

Utilize Their Services

As we face the holiday season, consider giving gifts that support your clients, such as gift cards or packaged meals. By introducing new customers, you could be helping your clients to survive through the winter. Hopefully, 2021 will have a better outlook for restaurants and those of us that enjoy going out for a nice meal.

Offer Help

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Loss Prevention experts are available FREE OF CHARGE to assist in identifying hazards and implementing safety programs.

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