Summer Giveaways Worth Your Investment

June 16, 2021


Rebecca Batisto
Summer Giveaways Worth Your Investment

At Normandy, we are always looking out for ways to help our agents extend their business. There are various ways you can draw eyes to your business, from investing in digital or print marketing to registering for Google My Business online.

One method for raising awareness of your company, drawing in clients, and increasing revenue is making a modest investment in giveaways. By printing your name or logo onto some personalized items, you can say “Thanks” to new or current clients while providing a conversation starter that gets people talking about your business. Here are a few suggestions for how you can make the most of giveaway marketing this summer.

Every Client Needs a Drink

From coffee to hot cocoa to wine, we all have something we like to drink. You can find a variety of quality products that you can purchase in bulk. Yeti makes some sturdy options, from wine tumblers or water bottles, perfect for any scenario, but you’re paying for quality (which anyone would appreciate receiving.) KeepCup Brew Cork is another excellent, sustainable alternative that shows some class as well. Then, of course, there’s the classic, affordable porcelain mug that we all have dozens of but could always use one more. Most printing companies offer these as an option, so it’s a straightforward purchase.

For Active Clients

With summer coming, folks are going to be getting out and about more often. It’s stellar advertising to have your brand on what they’re wearing or using! Beach blankets, towels, and even yoga mats can have your brand printed on them. Pick up some solid frisbees, a custom set of golf balls, or make a personalized soccer ball (great option for families!) The best part is, you can combine any of these items to create a gift set, like a printed ball cap, golf balls, and tees for your clients that hit the links regularly.

Clients on the Go

Of course, with all this new swag you’re giving out, people will need some way to carry it. A tote bag is an effortless way to get your business name or logo out there while also supporting conscientious, environmental shopping practices. There are many types and qualities to select, so figure out what works best for you. And again, you can combine them into any gift bag giveaway since it wraps everything else inside it! If you want to get ambitious, customized duffel bags or backpacks can also make a statement. While they’re on the pricier side, they’ll make an impact on clients or create a buzz at a raffle, charity auction, or conference.

Thank Clients With a Gift Box

As mentioned, you can combine any number of items you can think of into carefully curated gift packages. Print some coasters, hand out a customized drink shaker, and an affordable 4-pack of glassware, and you’ve made someone’s evening. Put a frisbee, water bottle, and towel in a custom tote to create the perfect beach bag. Some outstanding services can curate custom gift boxes, depending on what your clients are after. Companies like Caroo and Adco Marketing create branded gifts with snacks and other great treats you might want, typically for employees, but you can deliver them to your clients as well.

Give It All Away

So, once you’ve purchased the products, how do you give them out? You could simply give them out on client anniversaries or business milestones. As mentioned, donate to a local charity auction or raffle. Of course, conferences are a great way to network, so why not hand out a to-go coffee tumbler or two to help folks get through their early mornings? Finally, you can make a game out of it by turning to your mailing list or social media. Post images for “spot the difference” or trivia and offer swag as prizes to the winners. However you choose, the impact will be the same with your name being on people’s minds.

There are a lot of options for products you can print on. What sets a company apart is how much care and thought they put into those items. Sure, you can print your brand on 500 flashlights, but then those are sitting in your garage. Get what you know people will use and appreciate, and try and select socially and environmentally conscious products where possible. It’s better for the environment and shows people you care about how you make your impact.

If you’re worried about fitting giveaways into your budget, there are plenty of ways to make an impact without breaking the bank. At Normandy Insurance Company, we love to host virtual events with our agents. This helped us stay connected and support one another throughout COVID. We continue many of these even today, like game nights, painting events, and free yoga sessions. Want to be invited? Email us: and we’ll get you hooked up.

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