3 Marketing Lessons Insurance Agents Can Learn from Realtors

June 23, 2021


Rebecca Batisto
3 Marketing Lessons Insurance Agents Can Learn from Realtors

To successfully build your business, you have to be able to sell yourself genuinely. One industry we recommend insurance agents look at for inspiration is realty. Realtors are experts at marketing their skills, their lifestyle, and their clients. You can learn from their marketing expertise and apply that knowledge to your strategy with these three key lessons.

1. Genuine Community Engagement

You can make a significant impact with small steps within your community. Look for opportunities where you can start to engage meaningfully with individuals, other businesses, and even community groups and events. Look at your community center website for a schedule of events, engage with the organizers to volunteer your time, offer your services for raffles or auctions, or provide sponsorship to get your name out there.

Connect with your fellow entrepreneurs, maybe offering specialty services or rates to help them get off the ground or create a reciprocal marketing campaign that builds faith in you and provides excellent word-of-mouth marketing. You can also engage with your current clients by hosting a modest appreciation party or send out personalized thank you cards.

Finally, always follow up and connect with people who reach out to you via referrals and social media.

2. Make Your Presence Known

If people don’t know you exist, how are they going to find you?

You need to get your name out there online and maintain relevancy through digital platforms. In past articles, we stepped you through how easy it is to register your business on Google My Business. Through that free platform, you can get yourself registered and discoverable in Google searches, where prospective clients can find out everything they need to know about your company.

We have also talked about the importance of accessible, functional websites for carriers, and the same goes for you, too! Make your online presence easy to find and navigate so prospective and current clients can get information with ease. We also have a ton of free resources to kick off digital campaigns, but the best realtors also engage with their clients and community through email newsletters. It’s a fantastic way to share successes, client stories, and updates on your business and new offers.

3. Prove You’re the Expert

You know the industry, right? That’s why people should come to you for help and service. A great way to engage with prospective clients is by offering that knowledge in a digestible “lite” form. In other words, provide information in the easiest ways possible.

Start a blog, host a podcast, or post videos on YouTube to explain facts and info from within your field. You can also get a lot of traction by going live on social media to do the same and even answer some questions from viewers. Of course, you need to plan out how much you’re willing to give away for free, but it’s a great way to generate interest in your services and, more importantly, you! Create a regular schedule and a regular buzz, and you’re likely to see a triumphant return on your investment.

Sometimes, you have to think outside the box and look elsewhere for inspiration. Hopefully, some of these tips that realtors use in their game plans will help you make the most of your marketing. If you’re looking for more helpful blogs or information, explore our website at www.normandyins.com

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