How to Build a Leads List of Contractors

November 8, 2022


Rebecca Batisto
How to Build a Leads List of Contractors

Finding contractors to contact when selling workers’ comp or general liability insurance can be a struggle. Here are some places to look when making a leads list to pursue contractors. 

State Licensing Databases

Some states make contractors searchable to protect citizens from getting scammed. This can be a good way to find contractors in your area, but you may need to do more research to find their contact information. If states have the information publicly accessible, they should also say what kind of contracting they are registered to do. 

Florida Licensing Site:


Google Business is one of the best ways to have your business seen by potential clients. Contractors are almost always on it because it enables their customers to google “drywall installation near me” and have their names appear. In other words, it's a great way to build your leads list! You will gather their contact information and website all in one place. 


Angi is a site where homeowners can find contractors to do projects for them. It is also a site most contractors are on to drive business. You can look for contractors by state or by project. You can find almost any home improvement project on Angi, from drywall repairs to septic tank installation. This is a great place to find the names of contractors, but you may need to do more digging to find their contact information. 


Like Angi, Porch is a website that connects homeowners to contractors for various projects. Also, identical to Angi, you may need to dig to find their contact information. This can be another valuable tool to find contractors in your area that you can add to a list to find contact information. 


In addition to Porch and Angi, Houzz is a good place to find general  contractors (among other artisans!) We recommend checking out Houzz over Porch and Angi because there is a cost to have a built-up profile on Houzz. In other words, you are reaching a higher income bracket. These contractors are more likely to have employees and need a workers’ comp plan that is flexible to grow as the business expands. 


LinkedIn is an easy way to introduce yourself to the owner of a construction company. While it takes a lot more work to build a leads list on LinkedIn (unless you pay for the Sales Navigator upgrade), the benefit would be that you are able to reach out to them directly on LinkedIn. This cuts out the additional work needed when using Houzz, Porch, or Angi. 

Our email template folder includes a template for making new LinkedIn connections. You can download that folder here: Make sure to check back frequently after sending connection messages. If you get a response or make a connection, you’ll need to follow up asap. 

Normandy offers multiple lines of insurance for contractors, including Workers’ Compensation, General Liability, and Inland Marine. We have a library of marketing materials to help you reach out, and this weekly blog will keep you up to date with the latest ways to build leads lists, reach new client bases, and close more deals. 

Be sure to bookmark: and check back weekly to catch future posts about what to do with a lead list!

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