Plans For Q4 2022

July 26, 2022


Rebecca Batisto
Plans For Q4 2022

As we roll into Q3 2022, there is no question that the insurance sector will undergo significant changes in compliance, client expectations, and competitiveness. And that's not even taking into account the shifts in hybrid working, the never-ending effects of the pandemic, and the global focus on climate change!

Looking ahead to the final quarter of the year (yep, we’re there already!), it’s going to be busy. So, what can you do today to prepare for the rest of 2022?

1. Go digital

There is very little need for printed materials anymore. Even business cards can be shared by using a QR code or an app, so get on board with paperless and do your part to combat climate change. 

While we are talking about digital, all marketing materials can also be digital, saving you considerable costs. Normandy allows all agents to create their own branded marketing materials when signing with us. Email newsletters are a great way to consistently get in front of potential clients and prove your industry knowledge. 

2. Gather your sources.

Speaking of email newsletters, make a quick list of all the sources you can use to gather info that might help your clients. 

This will make writing email newsletters very easy in the future. You will be able to make an industry snapshot to send to clients that could become a resource they come to rely on.

3. Create your marketing calendar.

Historically, the summer is a slower time of year, making it ideal for getting ahead. But, by early December, your calendar will probably be full. So, get ahead and make the most of some summer special offers by getting holiday cards designed and printed. You could even create your recipient spreadsheet and print out labels to truly get ahead. 

Think about your 2023 goals and back out the work you’ll need to do to meet those goals. This is always a great way to come up with new marketing ideas and get excited for the year ahead. Considering that most people make these plans last minute, or even mid-January, you’ll be ahead of the curve by laying it all out now. 

4. Assess your insurance carrier partners. underwriter.

If you’re not already with Normandy, now is a great time to give us a shot! We make writing policies so easy. You can get quotes just by uploading an Acord; our customer service is fantastic, we have an app for quoting and submitting policies on the go, and we give great commissions and perks. 

Want to learn more? Go to ​​ to submit an application or see ALL the benefits of working with us. 

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