Why Reviews Matter for Insurance Agents

February 9, 2023


Rebecca Batisto
Why Reviews Matter for Insurance Agents

In a world full of choices, reviews have become an integral part of every purchase, even insurance. Clients want to know other people's experiences with high-stakes investments like insurance. Because of this, reviews should be an essential element of your marketing strategy. 

Best Trust Builder

The most significant benefit is building client trust. No matter how great your website, social media accounts, or email marketing are, that all comes from one source, you. Having other people attest to your skill builds "social proof," an incredibly valuable concept in marketing. Social proof is a great way to improve brand image and increase website visits and sales. 

Surveys have shown that up to 95% of people read reviews before purchasing a product. Reviews are more objective and relatable to a customer; it feels less like they're being sold something. This makes it one of the best strategies to build trust in potential clients. They're essential parts of your marketing strategy. 

How to Get Reviews

Often the best ways to get reviews revolves around simply asking. You can ask after you've sold or renewed their policy, after an in-office service, or after a positive claim experience. Asking for reviews can be daunting, so here are our favorite ways to get them in:

  • Sending a personalized follow-up email a few weeks after they buy a policy.
  • Ask your social media following (this can also be a great way to share reviews too!)
  • Make it a call to action in your email newsletters or blogs.
  • Send postcards with a link to leave a review.

No matter how you're asking, don't force it. Ask genuinely, and when possible, make the ask personalized. 

Prioritize Google Reviews

When asking for reviews, you should funnel them to your Google Business page. Google is where your customers are most likely to see these reviews, and it'll help you appear toward the top on google searches. You should also respond to all these reviews, especially negative ones. 

At Normandy, we prioritize Google and Trustpilot. By claiming your Google Business page, you will be given a direct link to use when asking for reviews. Trustpilot offers free listings and paid listings. Once you pay for a plan, you are provided many more options for sharing reviews, which of course, can lead to more business. 

Want to check out Normandy’s reviews? Here is the link to our Google Business review page: Normandy’s Google Business Reviews and here are our 325+ reviews on Trustpilot can be found here: Trustpilot.

At Normandy Insurance, we often offer marketing advice to insurance agents. Be sure to bookmark: www.normandyins.com/blog and check back weekly to catch future posts about how to attract new customers. Normandy Insurance has evolved since 2006, becoming a top choice for agents in 22 states. Originally focused on workers' compensation, Normandy now underwrites general liability, commercial property, cyber, and yacht insurance. Preferred by independent agents for offering innovative and cost-effective coverage solutions with an emphasis on customer service.

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